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  • LabSat and LabSat 2 Software History

    Stock code:
    Latest update:


    2.7.4 - November 2014
    Support for latest version of CAN Output Plugin and Turntable
    2.7.1 - July 2014
    Minor bug fixes to the video sync functionality.
    Support added for LabSat 3 converted file formats.
    2.6.14 - January 2013
    Addition of Beidou/Compass channel support for Labsat2 (fw2.0 or greater).
    Minor bug fixes. - July 2012
    Bug fix for scenario converter software.
    Support for new LabSat USB boards.
    2.5.6 - May 2012
    Addition of Video sync.
    Addition of NMEA Serial proxy. 
    Turn table support 
     - #2236: Software crashes when loading truncated file 
     - #2423: Default save location crash
    More stability enhancements.
    2.3.5 - May 2011
    Bug fixes
     - #1799: Manually entered file name without extension crashed software
     - #1800: Manually entered file name in protected location showed no error
     - #1807: Scenario converter was looking for a lower case extension
     - #1808: ScenarioFactory expected lower case extension
     - #1812: Possible IndexOutOfBounds in NmeaParser
    More stability enhancements.
    2.2.1 - March 2011
    LabSat 1 Compatibility.
    Bug fixes
     - #1714: Record after a replay passes no RF to internal GPS monitor
    2.1 - February 2011
     - Full multi-bit support, with the ability to record a single channel in 1 bit or 2 bit mode, or both channels in 1 bit. It will also allow you to replay 2 bit scenarios as 1 bit, whilst displaying the current mode with other critical information.
     - Independent channel attenuation
     - Channel mute: you can now simulate temporary drop outs or replay only one channel from a 2 channel recording by muting the other
     - Disable synthesizers at end of replay: this prevents residual RF transmission at the end of a scenario causing noise on the receiver
     - Add a description to a scenario when recording
     - Display scenario information in a pop-up window, together with details of the LabSat used to record the scenario, the description, and options used
     - Automatic start and replay: passing a scenario name as a command line argument will now cause the software to start up and commence replay immediately.  A-r switch enables repeat.
     - Firmware version reporting - the about screen now shows hardware, firmware and FPGA version information
     - API - the library assembly is now documented and COM registered to allow interaction from numerous other programming environments.  Samples provided in C#, Windows Powershell (scripting), C++, MatLab
     - Supports temporary upgrades to Record + Replay functionality from Replay only or Record only. This means we can now offer a week's upgrade at a low cost by sending you an upgrade file, for you to evaluate the full LabSat record and replay functionality. Contact your dealer for more information! 
    2.0 - January 2011
    First release of 2.0 software supporting LabSat 2.
     - Buffer level display in real-time and 10 minute history
     - GPS monitor with real-time display and 10 minute speed history